The First Social Investing Economy

Democratizing investing knowledge to empower anyone to create better financial outcomes for themselves, together.

See what others are investing in

Follow friends, experts, & influencers to see what they are trading. Learn and discuss with the community and easily replicate trades.

Information you can trust

Every portfolio is backed by existing brokerage accounts so you can trust the trades you see.

Real-time notifications

Get notified about new trades so you don't miss out on the next $GME. No more FOMO.

Data that actually makes sense

Financial data on the internet is fragmented, over-complicated, and often unaccessible to most investors. We've built the most unique alternative dataset out there that's easy for everyone to understand.

Alternative data

We scrape data from Reddit, Twitter, etc. and show you what's actually important.

Easy to understand

We summarize dense reports and complex graphs into byte-sized infographics.

Forget stock picking... Invest in what you value

ETFs lack flexibility and picking individual stocks is hard. That's why we created Syndicates that let you invest in what you care about easily & dynamically.

Introducing Syndicates

Syndicates are a dynamic group of assets that reflect a single thesis you can easily invest in.

Community sourced

We believe in citizen expertise. Syndicates are created by the community for the community.

Connect with your favorite brokerages

Connect all your accounts in one place and manage your investments. Skip the hassle of opening a new account.

Crypto support

Connect with your Coinbase account, crypto wallet, or any supported DeFi exchange.

256-bit AES encryption

We use state of the art security to make sure your data is safe and never shared with others.

And so much more...

We offer a whole suite of features with new ones coming every week.

Monetize your portfolio

Customize subscription plans, tiered access, & get paid out monthly.

Portfolio analysis

Data driven analysis to help you breakdown your portfolio.

Discord bot

Integrate with your Discord server to share your trades in real time.

Link sharing

Share your portfolio and trades with a social link. Easily grow your brand.


Discover new investors to follow based on your interests & goals.

NFT support

Support for NFTs to see what people are buying & selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a brokerage?

No, we are not a brokerage. We integrate with other brokerages and exchanges out there through APIs.

Is our data private and safe?

All data is encrypted & secure using modern TLS protocols. We also make sure user data is private and never sold to any 3rd party (e.g. hedge funds, ads).

Can I connect to multiple brokerages?

Currently, Vega allows you to connect up to 5 accounts to a single portfolio. All investments and trades across those brokerages will be unified into a single portfolio.

Who can access my portfolio?

We currently support 3 different privacy levels for a portfolio that you can choose from:

PublicAnyone can view your portfolio.
Private: Users have to manually request to follow your portfolio which you have to approve.
Pay-to-access: Users can pay a monthly subscription fee to access your portfolio.

Do you execute trades on our behalf?

No, we are not a brokerage and thus never execute any trades on your behalf. 

We do however plan to add support to execute trades on your brokerage within our platform in the near-future.